Introducing: Unlock the Collaborative Code
Achieve Faster Growth, Influence, and Raise your Profile
This book is comprehensive and it’s full of real-life examples of companies and people that met success through collaboration. 
Get inspired and understand how collaborative methods influences personal and business success. 
“Sesh Sukhdeo has made a significant contribution that is worthy of our attention. His perspective and solutions will inspire you; his guidance is insightful and trustworthy.”
— Robert Porter Lynch, Global Thought Leader - CEO of The Warren Company Inc. -
Are you looking for a way to transform your workplace and achieve growth?
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"This book will help to spread the concept and practice of supply chain collaboration, and its associated benefits.“
— Professor Tom Cherrett, University of Southampton 

“Sesh understands the art of Influence: he leaves his mark on everything he does, having worked with Sesh over the years, I have seen people's lives from all walks, careers, sectors and age groups transform from the value he creates. Sesh's insights highlight that Organizations don't collaborate – it's people who collaborate. A Great read for everyone involved in value creation.” 
— Dr. Grace Ngungi-Karanja, Partnership Specialist at USAID Kenya Youth Employment and Skills Program
About the Book
Unlock provides new frames of reference for all aspects of collaborative engagement, including our individual roles, partnerships, joint ventures, outsourcing strategies, and virtually all other types of business-to-business or public-to-private sector undertaking.

To this end, I've included clear lists, tips, reference guides, questionnaires, and thorough analyses of the various aspects of collaborative leadership within the context of our business and social lives.

I intend to reshape, re-energize, and refocus our energies on the various challenges we face in pursuit of success by identifying where we are lacking, and showing how collaboration can be the key to progress in our lives, and the lives of those with whom we engage.

“Sesh Sukhdeo has made a significant contribution that is worthy of our attention. His perspective and solutions will inspire you; his guidance is insightful and trustworthy.”
— Robert Porter Lynch, Global Thought Leader - CEO of The Warren Company Inc. -

“If there is anyone who can unlock value, innovate and create paradigm shifts, it's Sesh. A real enjoy collaborating with.”
—Michael Boulton, Strategic Development Director
About Author
Sesh Sukhdeo:
Author, Speaker, Disruptive Business Coach 
Sesh Sukhdeo:
Author, Speaker, Disruptive Business Coach 
Over the course of his career, Sesh Sukhdeo has assembled countless engagements and collaborative projects around the globe at all levels across the public and private sectors. 
Sesh has spoken at events around the world and his insights on cooperative engagement and the paradigm shifts it creates have made a widespread difference regarding the thorniest problems we face on the path to development.
He speaks not as a theorist, but as a hands-on practitioner.  
Collaborative dialogue comes naturally to Sesh. He is always prepared to share his knowledge and drive with others. Striving to make a difference, he sees beyond the horizon, and tries to guide others towards the value that they miss.
During his career, Sesh has come to realize that many individuals have simply never realized the benefits of cooperative problem-solving and the value of genuine collaboration. Rather than working in tandem with others, they find themselves having to overcome unnecessary obstacles alone. They operate within rigid hierarchies that stall their progress and reduce their creativity.
When asked how it is that he can unlock value and overcome those barriers to cooperation when others cannot—and why it is that some people can engage with others quickly and naturally, while others seem unable to do so—Sesh Sukhdeo has an answer. 
He believes the solution to effective collaboration lies in the balance of motivation and state of mind. Therefore, it is essential to find a common thread that will resonate with the various levels of skill, intents, and experiences of those involved. This process and system are Sesh Sukhdeo's area of expertise.

“It is rare in modern business to find someone who cares about networking as much as Sesh. In this age of technological development, there is a serious need for innovators who can blend traditional business with new technology: this collaboration is vital and what Sesh highlights skillfully in the book.”
— Nathan Kelleher, Vice President of Global Carrier Strategy Neopost Shipping

“Sesh is absolutely second to none when it comes to fostering truly collaborative relationships. He creates space to explore shared areas of interest for innovation. His unusually open sharing style provides value to any business engaging with him. I have not met anyone quite like him.”
— Alex Blakemore, CEO | toBoot
Companies Sesh has collaborated with around the Globe
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